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I might have done something that could be considered a little crazy. I quit my job. Yep, I lasted a whole six weeks and I quit. Reading it back I have a slight knot of anxiety in my chest, but I also have complete certainty, that crazy as it might seem, it was the right decision.
Those of you who regularly visit my little corner of the internet will know that the adjustment to my new place of work was not going all that well. The hours were long, the demands were incredibly high (and impossible to meet, despite my love of a challenge) and while my co-workers were lovely, my mental and physical health were both struggling. I can count on my fingers how many times I made it to the gym in October. My blog was not getting the attention it deserves, and that I want to put into it.  Studying fell completely to the wayside, to the point where I had to postpone my Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology theory exam. I was having anxiety attacks again, after months of therapy learning how to deal with them. Overall, it was not good.
So, rather than try and make something work that clearly was not working, I made the decision to be brave. I came up with a plan, and I handed in my notice. What is that plan, you ask? Well, I’m taking the leap and actually focusing on my new career ambition: being a personal trainer. I have my practical assessment coming up this weekend, and my theory exam two weeks after that. All going well, I should have my qualification by mid-December. And now at least, I have the time to dedicate to studying.
Yes, it may seem a little crazy. But taking leaps always involves risk. Being brave always requires a little dash of crazy. The old adage, nothing ventured nothing gained, rings true. If I hadn’t taken the leap I wouldn’t have a follow up interview for a PT position at a well-respected gym group this afternoon. And while it might be scary, it’s also really exciting. I can’t wait to see what my leap helps me achieve.
Anna x
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