I’m sure it’s meant to be Spring. It is the last week of April after all. Though I’m sitting here typing this wrapped up in a cosy blanket because it’s more than a little chilly, I’m still thinking about the warmer days to come and getting ready for them. Spring-inspired workout gear is at the ready, my cut is in full swing, and now all that’s left to think about is making sure I feel my best. Thankfully, what seems forever ago now, I was invited along to a wonderfully healthy breakfast (avocado on toast for life) at the MaE Deli to get some fantastic nutrition tips (I so loved this it’s going to get a whole post to itself), and celebrate the launch of not only a supplement, but a whole new seasonal approach to healthy living.
Introducing Hello Day, a truly unique take on the ever-popular subscription box. Understanding that the different seasons impact our wellbeing in different ways – hello winter slump and summer high – they have carefully put together a complete vitamin and supplement programme to support your health and happiness through each season.
Now, I’m already a supplement taker with my protein and creatine shakes, but I’m terrible at remembering to take my multi-vitamins. Fortunately for me Hello Day isn’t just a box of pills, it’s a lifestyle aid and therefore offers a handy app to help prompt even the most forgetful of us to take care of ourselves. Reminders aside, the app also offers wellbeing advice, dietary tips and even a little weather forecast update which I just love.

So, app covered, what’s in the box then? I’m currently trialing the Spring Box, which is entirely aimed at beating the effects of dark days, warming comfort food and draining winter bugs. It’s split into four key areas of action:
Vitality Balance
This is an area where I definitely struggle. I’m a terrible sleeper and I also get myself very worked up about things thanks to my anxiety. All-in-all, I get tired pretty easily. This is a potent mix of magnesium (already a must for me when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep) and Siberian ginseng to give you a much-needed energy boost and get back your day-to-day mojo.
Libido Stimulate
Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll have giggled when you read that. I certainly did at the presentation. I’m such a grown up. But here it’s all about having the energy needed for motivation and desire. Not just for getting you in the mood for a good tumble… Sleep promoting magnesium makes an appearance again, joined by the warrior-plant maca root for extra vigour.
Circulation Activate
Ah stress. Who in London isn’t feeling it, that’s what I would like to know? Fortunately, this blend of red vine leaves and blackcurrant berries can help improve overall circulation so we get all the nutrients we need for a healthy lives, and help bring down our racing blood pressure too.
Digestion Detox
This has been a particularly interesting one for me coming off my bulk. By the end of bulking I was feeling pretty bloated, heavy and just a bit bored of being quite so rotund. While I don’t believe in ‘detoxing’ as the diet industry would have you think about it – that’s what kidneys are for – sometimes our digestive processes could use a little extra help. The key ingredient here, fennel, has been shown to have a calming effect on bloated, gassy stomachs, and can be really beneficial for those with IBS.
Hello Spring With Hello Day | Running In Glass Shoes
What I love about these is that it’s all natural ingredients and vitamins that have simply been put together into a seasonal programme for you. It just takes the confusion of the multivitamin aisle out of the equation and does the hard work so you can just get on with living your life, and have been a welcome addition to my supplements repertoire. I can’t wait to see what the next box has in store for a happy and healthy summer.
Hello Day Spring Box is still available to buy online  for £69 – they should be releasing the Summer Box soon, even if the weather makes you think otherwise…