If there’s one thing that’s always on my to-do list it’s yoga. I absolutely know that I should be practising regularly to help with both my achey muscles and my busy, anxiety fuelled mind, and yet it often gets pushed down the fitness list in place of dumbbells and burpees. I’m less namaste, more namast’ay in the gym… So when Yogassential suggested I give their brand new app a try I decided it was the perfect time to actually prioritise yoga practice for once.
Now, the thing is, I’m not very good at yoga – I’m not good at relaxing and in a class situation I tend to get the giggles over how serious everyone is. Why am I always the naughty kid in the back of the classroom?! Yogassential is a great option for me because it acts as a booking service for your very own private yoga lesson in the comfort of your own home.
Running In Glass Shoes Yogassential
It’s a super simple app to use. Simply open up, choose the type of yoga you want to do from calming or restorative to cardio or strengthening, then see which teacher is available at a time to suit you. They then come to your home and lead you in an hour long yoga session. It’s the Uber of yoga – you can even rate your instructor following your lesson!
Running In Glass Shoes Yogassential
Seeing as I’m cutting right now I opted for cardio yoga to try and burn a few extra calories. My lovely teacher, Vibhu, though, totally understood when I told her that I also needed to unwind and added in some really great meditative elements to our practice that day. Specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Vibhu’s lesson was centred around salutations, and it’s amazing how much these do raise your heart rate. I realise yoga isn’t considered a great calorie burner, but I was impressed with how much of a sweat I got on in that hour. It was far more physically demanding than I had given it credit for.
Running In Glass Shoes Yogassential Downward Dog
I’ve never worked one on one with a yoga instructor before and I was amazed how much of a difference it made to my confidence and ability. Funny really, because I would never normally hesitate at getting a trainer or coach for my other gym stuff! One-on-one is always going to bring out the best in you, and this was no different. Vibhu was super encouraging, effectively guided me into positions, corrected my form and even managed to get me into and holding crow, chakrasana (yoga-style bridge), and a shoulder stand. It’s always so motivating when you manage to do something you didn’t think you could!
Running In Glass Shoes Yogassential Crow
Our session finished with a deeply relaxing meditation, using mindfulness to be aware of the all the noises going on outside our little Putney flat then letting them go until focus was just on breathing. As I said, I’m normally very bad at relaxing but this sort of guided mindfulness really worked for me, I’m definitely going to try and keep it up, even for just a few minutes each day. Vibhu also gave me a little head massage while I was lying down on the mat which obviously really helped!
Overall, I was really impressed. The app was super easy to use and the one-on-one lesson was so beneficial to me. I did’t feel silly like I normally do when doing yoga on my own or in a class, that extra guidance really helped. It’s definitely inspired me to keep yoga up and I’ll most definitely be booking another Yogassential session again soon. Namaste!
Running In Glass Shoes Yogassential Namaste
Download Yogassential from the App Store. Private lessons start at £45 which you can split with a yoga-buddy if you want! Let me know if you try the app, would love to know what you think. Oh, and if any of you yogis have any tips for me for making yoga a more frequent part of my training let me know! 
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