It feels like ever such a long time since I did a Spa Days post. Spa trips have been few and far between recently, but as a treat to myself I booked into AWAY Spa at the W Hotel, London for my birthday back in August. Opting for a massage and express facial package, it seemed the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
Spa Facilities:
AWAY is most definitely a small hotel spa. There’s no pool but there is a sauna and a steam room. While I love to swim normally on spa days, it was quite nice to just pop in for a quick steam and sauna before my treatment. The ‘relaxation’ area was actually just out in the reception area of the spa, so perhaps wasn’t as chilled as other spas I’ve been to. However, it was quiet and the ambient purple-ish lighting was very zen. It was pleasant to sit back and relax on one of the large white sofas while I read a magazine and waited for my treatment.

The Treatment:
Having been consistently working insanely hard in the gym recently a massage was long overdue. Before my treatment I’d been asked to indicate the pressure wanted on my treatment form – wanting the experience to be relaxing as well as muscle soothing I opted for medium pressure. The massage really was very good, though I would note that the spa therapist didn’t check with me at any point whether the pressure was what I was looking for. Fortunately it was! I just don’t know where time goes when you’re having a good massage though. Before I knew it 60 minutes was up and we were moving on to the facial. AWAY Spa use Nature Bisse products, and if you haven’t tried them before you really should. A small, luxury skincare brand I just find their products to be extremely effective. My skin loves them.
Final Thoughts:
AWAY Spa is perfect if you’re looking for a few hours of calm in the hustle and bustle of the city. Not one for a full spa day sadly because of the limited relaxation facilities, I really did just nip in for a sauna and steam, had my treatment then made my way out. The treatment was very good, my only complaint would be that there wasn’t a pillow for my head when I turned over onto my back so I couldn’t get quite comfy with my head in the face hole of the bed! For an afternoon treat though it was just what I was after.
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