Running In Glass Shoes Setting A New Goal Bikini Competition
I am a really goals-oriented person. I’ve previously touched on how setting long-term and short-term goals really helps keep me motivated, and with this in mind I decided it was high time I set myself a new challenge. I’ve been strength training for well over 18 months now and most definitely feel that I’ve started spinning my wheels. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love lifting and the strength and empowerment that comes with it so naturally, but I was starting to feel just that creeping on of boredom as I went through the motions. My motivation has been dipping, my consistency has been near non-existent and I’ve been feeling pretty fed up with the fact I’ve still not achieved that physique I’m after.
So me being me I’ve decided to set myself a really big goal to work towards: I want to compete on stage in a bikini competition before my 30th birthday. I’ve been following more and more bikini competitors on my social media channels and I just so admire the time and dedication these amazing women put into their sport. It’s made me realise that it’s something I would really like to do myself, and it gives me a real challenge to work towards.
So let’s break it down. Doing this before my 30th birthday means I have well over a year to work on this goal. Now, with only watching show videos and a lot of Instagram stalking to guide me thus far I have once again panicked my bank and enlisted the help of a coach. This time around the coach I’ve opted for is a bikini competitor herself so I’m hoping this will be a better match than I’ve had before. I’m already super achey from just the first week of my new programme so let’s hope that’s working!
The first stage of my year-to-stage-ready is all about changing my body composition. One of the main drivers behind this decision has been that, while I’ve been lifting for quite some time right now and I’ve become super strong, I just don’t look like I lift. Cue the ‘Do You Even Lift, Bro?’ memes now. Prior to this though I’ve really been working for strength gains rather than muscle gains, which really requires more of a hypertrophy focused programme. So my new programme incorporates a good mix of compound lifts for continued strength growth and more bodybuilding type moves to encourage that muscle to grow too. My macros have also been completely adjusted for training and non-training days to help get rid of the fat while not compromising muscle growth.
I’m only just a week in and have struggled with the nutrition side of things – getting near 220g of carbs on workout days has been a struggle even for a true carb-lover like me! But it feels so motivating already to be on a new routine that’s really pushing me again. Nutrition for me is always a work in progress, and I know that given time I’ll get it right.
So there you have it. My goal for the next year. I don’t have an actual show in mind yet, more just working towards getting stage ready and picking a show from there. The first stage of this venture isn’t about winning, or even necessarily placing (though that would be great!), but just about being at a point where I get up on stage and don’t look out of place amongst the other competitors. Below are some shots of where I’m at right now, I’ll be checking back each month with progress photos so you can follow my journey from start-to-stage, so don’t forget to subscribe on the right hand side!

As ever, I’d love to hear about your goals too. What are you working towards at the moment? Do you have any handy tips for me and my goal?
Anna x