Running In Glass Shoes Bikini Fitness Goal Month 3I’m a little late posting this, but if you’ve been following me on social, or even read my last couple of posts, you’ll know I’m struggling to balance everything right now. I very nearly skipped this month’s check in post all together to be quite honest. Training hasn’t been at its best, diet adherence has been abysmal and mentally I’m not feeling all that strong. But I had really great call with my coach last week and it helped me realise that these times happen and it’s ok. Progress is not lost, it just means reaching goal takes that little bit longer. Part of keeping myself accountable has been putting my progress out there each month. So, rather than throwing in the towel over a not fantastic training month, I’m persisting and still laying it all out there. Here’s my progress from month 3…


Weight hit a new low of 51.4kg but has crept back up to 51.7kg (minuscule I know) as food has spiralled out of control. But, looking at this positively, that’s 2.3kg down in the last 3 months and 5.7kg total since April. So it’s good, slow and steady progress, and I’m happy with that. This month I’d really like get down below 51kg, which means being consistent in my training, doing that cardio and, of course, nailing my nutrition…


Nutrition went out the window the last couple of weeks. I’ve not been tracking, and even when I have I’ve not been sticking to plan at all. For me, the steady drop in weight really shows that calories in calories out really does work, and after my pep talk with Jayne I’m ready to get focused on calorie and macro again. To help with adherence over the next couple of weeks we’re stopping low carb lower calorie non-exercise days and just keeping calories and carbs the same each day. I seem to really be craving carbs at the moment – most likely because of all that mental energy I’m using in adjusting to a new job – so we decided this was the best route for the meantime. As Jayne said, it’s the nutrition side of things that will throw me most off track, not the exercise, so it’s better to get that sorted. So this weekend I ate what I wanted without worrying, knowing that I’ve done a big food shop so my meal planning and prep is sorted for the week. I’m looking forward to eating well again actually!


Sporadic. Really, sporadic. This was the first month where those early mornings really got the better of me. Getting out of bed was hard, and hitting five days a week just wasn’t happening. For month four we’ve gone back down to four sessions again to see how that goes. Even though consistency wasn’t all there the last month, I’ve seen some significant improvement in my lifts. Those upper body moves, like my overhead and Arnold press, have really improved. Weight still isn’t high, but they feel better. Sumo deadlifts are now up to 60kg for three sets of 10 reps, and hip thrust is feeling awesome at 75kg for three sets of 10 reps – all about growing that peach!


Ok, so I know I got a little silly last month over my progress photos. It has since been pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be comparing the monthly photos with each other, instead it should be the first ones vs the latest. And doing that has really helped me see how much my body has changed which makes me super happy. There’s still a long way to go but it’s so great seeing the difference. I haven’t had a face to face with Jayne this month to be able to do measurements, but considering how all over the place my head is I think that’s probably for the best. For month four I’ll get measurements and body fat done so I can compare the data then. In the meantime, these are my latest progress comparisons:

So let’s forget the feeling that I’ve not made progress this month. Looking at these I actually can’t believe how far I’ve come in just three months. Do I look like a bikini competitor yet? No! But I’m not planning on competing for at least another six to nine months so that’s fine. What matters is that my stomach has visibly flattened, my butt has lifted and my arms are looking so lean. That quad definition has improved too, even without flexing.
Overall then, I’m actually quite happy. Yes, my adherence could have been better this month, but it’s not the end of the world that it wasn’t. My mental health had to come first and the reality is that it only really set me back maybe a couple of weeks. I’m ready to really get down to it this month and do any better. Hey, maybe I’m finally turning a corner in how I think about my body? That’s progress too.