I don’t know how it’s happened, but suddenly month two of my road to becoming a bikini fitness competitor is done and dusted. How on earth has the time gone so quickly? This was definitely a bit more of an up and down month what with a birthday trip to Bruges breaking up the routine slightly, and I’m not as thrilled with my progress this month. Still, progress is progress and it just pushes me to work even harder this month!
Back up to 52.9kg annoyingly. It was higher when I got back from Bruges thanks to all the waffles, beer and general deliciousness. If that bit of water weight and extra carb bloat is the price to pay then I’m ok with it. Calories and macros are now very much back on track so I’m not going to stress. Stress is one of the worst things you can do when trying to cut thanks to all that extra cortisol making fat harder to shed. I know I’m doing the right things, now I’m just going with it and trusting the process.
Still not perfect, but way better than last month! I’m still struggling to hit those carb macros, but fat is definitely lower and protein is more consistently high which is great. I really mentally benefited from having a diet break while I was away as well. I ate roughly around maintenance calories and didn’t worry about macros. It’s really made getting back to macro and calorie counting super easy and stress-free.
This month’s programme had a lot more upper body work in it as this is the area I struggle with most. Love a deadlift, squat and hip thrust, but tell me to do a military press and I might well throw a tantrum. Super pleased with my bench press finally creeping up to 30kg for 8 reps, that feels like a real win this month. I had a really great in person session with my coach at the end of the month to really work on technique for my upper body moves. I am always so amazed by how much difference even the tiniest tweak can make to the way a movement feels, it’s why I love that my online coaching offers one face-to-face a month. It’s so unbelievably helpful.
So, on to progress photos. I’m struggling to see major difference in the photos this time around and was feeling a little down on it the other day. But there is some major leg definition now going on so I’m gonna take that and just accept that I’m still got some cutting down on fat to do to finally reveal those abs. They’re under there somewhere…I’m sure of it. Oh, and the news that on taking measurements that my butt has grown a whole half an inch in four weeks is certainly enough to make me feel like this month did actually go very well indeed!

So progress not as obvious as I had hoped for, but there is definite bum lift going on in the back picture. Yay! Now to just really smash it in the gym and with food choices this month to keep the ball rolling.
Anna x
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