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Oh bikini fitness goal, where to start with you this month? Well, firstly let me apologise for not posting an update on this for October, because, to be really honest, it was a write off. I’ve already hashed out that I was having a hard time that month and my fitness goals most definitely fell to the wayside while I focused on some other big changes for the sake of my happiness. What this did lead to, unfortunately, was a little bit of a dip in motivation and it’s taken me a while to get back in the groove. But believe me when I say it’s back. Ooh yeah it’s back.
So, let’s pretend October didn’t happen and November was month 4 of working towards my competition goal. Thankfully my coach and I are still waiting to choose a show date, so I don’t feel like I’ve thrown myself completely off course. I am going to have to work extra hard now, because I am determined to do my first show in 2018. And I can pretend all I want that I just want to do it, but it’s me, I’m competitive. We all know I want to place really. So really, the biggest progress of the last month? That fire has been relit. I want to succeed. Welcome back motivation.


Considering how tracking went completely out of the window after my last check in, weight has actually dropped to 50.6kg. Let’s just pray to the gods of bodybuilding that it’s not all muscle loss! There’s still clearly a fair bit of body fat that needs to come off though in spite of weight, particularly around my tummy and back. My coach and I have therefore decided that in January I’ll do a mini-cut before we raise calories again to build some more muscle ahead of prep. This will hopefully get me to a good point for a short bulk.


I feel like following this up with what nutrition?! Like I said, I didn’t really track throughout October or November so it’s hard to comment on progress here. However, what I have discovered is that I’ve clearly, finally, learned to eat within my calorie allowance. I had completely expected to step on the scale and have gained without tracking, but I obviously wasn’t as out of control with my eating as I believed myself to be. I’m not going to get complacent though, I know that to achieve my goal I need to be meticulously tracking my food intake. Apart from now, while I’m in Malta, I’m back to using my trusty food scale and logging everything in My Fitness Pal.


Much better again this month. Getting back in the gym has felt really positive. For me, regular exercise is intrinsically linked to my mood, and when I’m stressed and stop going it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle making me even more stressed! Upper body progress is still slow but squats and deadlifts are coming along nicely, especially now that we’ve added in more strength style days alongside hypertrophy training. Looking forward to progressing more this month and making even further improvements.


The all important progress photos… well I’m in two minds about them this time around. Firstly, I’m frustrated that there isn’t much progress to be seen. But considering how all over the place I’d been in my gym habits I’m hardly surprised. The lack of progress is entirely my own doing. But. It could have been much worse!

Now, I’m not letting myself off the hook here and I’m aware I have so much work to do if I want to compete spring/summer 2018, but I want to just say that having an off couple of months because life happens isn’t the end of the world. Life happens. Sometimes it gets in the way, and you’re not going to help yourself by beating yourself up for it. In all, I gained 1kg, which I’m already well on the way to losing again. Yes, I’m a bit frustrated with myself, but I’m dusting myself off and throwing myself back into my training fully and completely from now on. And I’m really excited for what the next month will bring.