Running In Glass Shoes Bikini Fitness Check-In Month 6
Let me start by saying, I just cannot believe I have been working towards this huge goal for 6 months now. Well, a little over, I’m a week late posting this thanks to my personal training exam taking over my life. But that’s done now and it’s back to documenting my progress! January was a good month training and diet-wise for me. I finally felt like I really cracked my macros and strength was really improving in the gym with some fun new techniques to change things up a little. Here’s the month in review…


January finished and I officially dropped below that 50kg mark. Now, as I say this please remember that I am a teeny-tiny 5’3″ and that my current weight is still within the healthy range for me. Also, bear in mind that I am working towards a specific athletic goal that requires you to be ultra-lean – being this low a weight is certainly not something I want you all to strive for if you’re not competing.


Meal prepping and macros really feel like the fell into place this past month. Yes, I’ve had a couple of indulgences, but for the most part, I have been consistent and sticking to them. There’s something about January isn’t there that really makes you focus? Must be that whole ‘new year new you’ thing. Anyway, protein and carbs have been high, hunger has been minimal, and all in all the cut has been very successful.


loved my training in January. My coach introduced some fun strength work which has seen my bench, overhead press, squat and deadlift numbers fly up. I’m particularly happy with my bench and overhead presses as these two are definitely my weakest lifts. Working on strength in those is all about then making my capable of lifting heavier in my accessories, for improved hypertrophy. Got to build some serious muscle now!


So with weight loss, I have also significantly dropped in most of my measurements (bye boobs) which is great. Body fat is difficult because we started using some new, more accurate callipers which is like starting all over again. I’ll be able to update on body fat changes next month. And of course, the all-important progress photos…

Finally, things feel like they’re really coming together. Such a good feeling, though I do think I actually look better in real life than in this month’s progress photos! Lots of work to do still, of course, but all-in-all I’m feeling very positive this month.
How are you getting on with your 2018 goals? Let me know!
Anna x