Who else is excited for Christmas? This year I feel like I’ve been super organised and have sorted presents for pretty much everyone except the pug. God I really need to sort out a present for the pug – any dog gift guides out there?! Apart from him, the only other person who I was struggling for gift ideas for this year was, well, me. My family always start asking in November time and I just never know what I actually want or need. To me the biggest joy of Christmas is buying for others.
But, when I really thought about it, my Christmas wish list seemed to have a bit of a fitness takeover. And are we really surprised by that? It’s just like the rest of my life! So for you fellow fitness fans out there, or just for the gym bunnies you still have to buy for, these are the bits I’d like to find in my stocking rather than just a lump of coal…

GymShark Fit Leggings and Sports Bra

I can’t help it, I’m your stereotypical bikini fitness girl/shameless Instagram gym selfie taker and I need more GymShark in my life.

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide

Gym Shark Fit Leggings and Sports Crop in Charcoal and Chalk Pink | Credit: Gym Shark

Beginner Boxing Course

I used to love boxing at uni and really want to bring it back into my routine for some hardcore cardio. Miguel’s in Brixton has an amazing reputation and I’ve been dying to give it a try since forever. A course of 10 sessions would be the perfect reintroduction to the sport, as well as being a way of getting in some decent cardio after all the Christmas indulgence. Pretty please, Santa?

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide Boxing

Women’s Beginner Boxing Classes at Miguel’s | Credit: Miguel’s Gym

Grenade Bars

A stocking filled to the brim of these delicious protein treats would be a dream. These are pretty much the only protein bars I’ve been able to find on the market where not all flavours have nuts in them. Honestly, being a fitness and wellbeing blogger with a nut allergy can be a total nightmare at times! If you know of any other brands that are nut-free please tell me immediately. It’s a matter of extreme urgency, obvs.

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide Grenade Bars

Grenade Carb Killa | Credit: Grenade Official

Protein Powder

Basically Santa, bring me the #gainz. My protein powder is running low and I definitely need to stock up. My go to for whey protein is always MyProtein Impact Whey. I can’t get enough of their vanilla flavour for adding to my berry protein fluff mixes, or chocolate for mixing into warm, gooey porridge. Nom.

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide Protein Powder

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder | Credit: MyProtein


Speaking of protein fluff… My blender seems to have given up the ghost when it comes to dealing with frozen berries. I could definitely use a kitchen upgrade. I’m such a stereotypical fitness blogger – one NutriBullet please!

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide NutriBullet

Fitness kitchen must-have NutriBullet | Credit: Nutribullet

Foam Roller

I love my lifting and intense workouts but the next day ache can be a little too much for me sometimes. A foam roller to help me ease out those niggles while I’m binge watching my latest winter series would go a long way to stopping the granny walking!

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Christmas Gift Guide Foam Roller

I really must start foam rolling… | Credit: Starwood Sports

So there you have it, my Christmas, or shall we say ‘Fitmas’, gift guide/wishlist. What are you asking Santa for this year? Any fitness goodies?
Anna x
Small note: this post contains some affiliate links BUT it’s all things I actually want for Christmas this year. I only write about things I truly love or believe in! x
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