I’m a sucker for a blow dry. I think it comes from my complete lack of ability in the hair department. I blame my mother having me lop my tangly tresses off into an awkward bob from the age of about 8 – I just never learned how to do anything other than try and convince my wavy mane to stay in a sleek, boyish cut or pull it back into a severe teeny bun for ballet recitals and exams. So when the new Duck & Dry launched in the West End I just couldn’t resist popping in.
I had actually been to the salon a week beforehand for the launch party, so already had an idea of the uber-cool, slightly distressed vibe they were going for. Can’t say that the pimp your prosecco bar didn’t help me warm to the aesthetic. Going in on a Saturday afternoon was a far calmer experience at least. In fact, it was positively heavenly with just myself and another lady in for some pampering.
I rate all things I put my hair through by the wash. A good hair wash done by someone else is unbeatable in my opinion. I just love it, and I really am confused by those who don’t. What do you mean you don’t want people touching your hair?! Duck & Dry lived up to high-expectations with comfy basin chairs (no one likes a crick in their neck), good water temperature and a genuinely very good hair wash from my stylist. I mean, not to be weird or anything, but I’d quite like her to wash my hair every week. Yeah, that’s weird. My only sigh about the wash was that I didn’t get the head massage with the conditioner I always look forward to. But, the wash itself was so good and careful around my tangled mess that I can’t really complain.
Finished lathering my locks I was escorted over to a delightful egg shaped mirror set up to flick through the leather bound menu to choose my style while sipping a latte. The whole thing is just done to perfection in this way, it makes you feel super spoiled. And I like feeling spoiled. I unashamedly opted for Blow Dry No. 2: High Tide Waves. The menu describes this look as “Fabulously big and luxurious”. Hell. Yes.
The result? Well my hair was big, bouncy and ever so shiny. It was most definitely too glamorous for my quiet evening eating take away at my sister’s new place, but I really didn’t care. For once my hair was behaving itself and I felt fabulous. I felt thoroughly looked after in the salon and my stylist was a total sweetheart – we had a pretty hilarious time holding our own mini photo shoot, which helped me get over my posy blogger awkwardness! All-in-all, the salon is great, the staff incredibly lovely, and my hair looked fantastic. What more could you want?
Have you been to the new Duck & Dry? Let me know your thoughts! x