Those who know me well know that over the last year I’ve made pretty much a second home on the beautiful island of Malta. Well, I’ve crashed the Boy’s family home multiple times and that totally counts, right? Our pre-Christmas visit was a little on the chilly side, so, in the name of research of course, we decided to investigate the warming hammam at the Hilton St. Julien’s Myoka 5 Senses Spa for a day.
Spa Facilities
Having turned up early to make the most of the facilities I think it is first worth noting that the spa does not have its own pool, sauna or steam room. Instead these are part of the Hilton’s health club. Though very lovely, it did lose the spa atmosphere a little having to go to a separate area, and given my known fondness for children, my idea of relaxation is not having to float around them while they scream and splash.
A quick decision to escape to the spa’s relaxation room was definitely the right one! Locked from the rest of the health club with a code only for spa users, we happily ensconced ourselves on a double day bed to sip tea, read and relax before our treatment. The relaxation room also housed two massage chairs which made for a hilarious 15minutes. They were…forceful…
The Hammam
Celebrating Christmas a little early, we opted for the Couple’s Hammam Ritual. The 5 Spenses has an utterly decadent, specially built Moroccan hammam. Laid out on the grey marble, our therapists washed and scrubbed us in true Moroccan style with hot and cold water. It’s been a while since I’ve had a hammam treatment, and I had forgotten what a luxurious experience it is – I particularly loved having my hair washed (my favourite part when visiting the hair dresser too) and being layered in bubble blankets. Bubble. Blankets. I do not know how they made managed this miracle, but having a blanket of bubbles layered over you is actually amazing. Trust me.
Couple Time
The hammam was followed by a half hour relaxing in a private jacuzzi. With a glass of prosecco each. Dream. With gentle mood lighting and flower petals sprinkled around the room it was incredibly romantic. It was just lovely to spend some time chatting, laughing and throwing bubbles around before our couple’s massage – it’s what couple’s time is all about.
Couple’s Massage
The final element of hour three hours of bliss was a deeply relaxing couple’s massage. I carry all my anxiety in my back , as well as being constantly sore from the gym and so always appreciate a firm massage. Meanwhile, Tomato’s only other experience of massage was when I traumatised him by dragging him along to a local Thai place. This time around though our therapists were extremely good (as they had been all day) and we both happily drifted in blissful relaxation during the full body massage. I think I finally converted Tomato to the joys of massage!
Final Thoughts…
While the pool, sauna and steam room facilities weren’t what I had really hoped for from a full spa day, the overall treatment at Myoka 5 Senses was absolutely fantastic. The hammam is beautiful and we were so well looked after by our two lovely therapists. It was a wonderful treat and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
In fact, I would just recommend Malta to anyone. A flight with Air Malta is always a super reasonable price and for just two small islands there is a lot to do. I’ll be doing some more Malta posts in future so if you want to find out more just give me a shout! Like I said earlier it’s become a home away from home. And when there are more Myoka Spas to try out how could it not be?!