It is no secret that I am a spa junkie and that a good spa day is the solution to every problem in my humble opinion. Feeling run down? Spa. Feeling stressed? Spa. Haven’t had a catch up with a friend in a while? Spa.But when it’s all of the above, it’s got to be super special. Something truly out of the ordinary. Something…extravagant.
A close friend and I hadn’t had a day just the two of us in rather a long time, work has been a little frantic lately and my anxiety, unfortunately, is getting the better of me more frequently than it should. So when she suggested a day at Akasha who was I to say no?
Part of the wonderfully beautiful Hotel Cafe Royal, your wellness journey at Akasha starts taking a lift down into the basement of the hotel. Now, my love of horror movies makes that seem rather menacing, but actually it creates an enveloping sense of warmth and security. The outside world is truly shut out, a rarity in today’s lifestyle. A thorough medical consult and tour of the facilities ensued before we wrapped ourselves in cosy robes and set ourselves the hard task of reclining by the pool. Magazine for my friend, crime thriller for me. Apparently that’s how I relax.
Spa Facilities
Before being whisked off for our treatments we made the most of Akasha’s exquisitely luxurious facilities. Sauna and steam room were present which is to be expected, but it was really quiet so felt very tranquil. Nothing like having a sauna to yourself so you can gossip! The pool at Akasha is truly glorious; lit with purple mood-lighting and surrounded by calming crystals it was utterly irresistible for a water baby such as myself. Again the spa was quiet so I had plenty of opportunity to take a dip and have the pool all to myself: huge positive to me. We also made good use of the relaxation rooms with a range of teas available and we probably managed to munch through a tree’s worth of dried apricots throughout the day! 


The Pool

In need of some serious R&R I went all out when it came to choosing my treatments, opting for the Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment followed by the Valmont Energy Ritual – Vitality of the Glaciers Facial Complete. Now, I love a facial and am a particular fan of Valmont skincare having discovered them in Urban Retreat at Harrods, so that was a wonderfully calming experience that I highly recommend. However, it was the Chakra Balancing treatment that truly fascinated me.
I confuse myself sometimes because I am often a sceptic, and yet have a leaning towards picking holistic style treatments (I previously spent 10 days in the Maldives visiting the Ayurvedic spa on a daily basis to try and soothe my erratic brain). I think it is a mini quest for inner peace of some kind. Even if that will never be the end result, I have found that holistic treatments are incomparable to traditional massage when it comes to slowing down my mind and getting me to relax.
My Chakra Balancing began with me choosing two chakra stones that most appealed to me. After that followed 90 minutes of wonderful full body massage and stone placing to help me reach harmonious balance. While the massage was divine, it was at the end when my lovely therapist took me through the meaning of the chakra stones that I was enthralled. Apparently the stones I picked out before the treatments represented the Earth Chakra and the Throat Chakra.
As could be surmised, the Earth Chakra relates to grounding and anchoring you to your life. Symptoms of feeling ungrounded can include forgetfulness, anxiety and clumsiness. Looks like I ticked all those boxes. The Throat Chakra, meanwhile, relates to your communication abilities and self-expression. Considering that I’m currently dealing with my anxiety again I found it fascinating that it was these two stones I was most drawn to. Feeling on edge and unable to express myself is something I face on a daily basis – seemed a little too coincidental to me!
Not only were my treatments exceptional and actually, really quite spiritual, my therapist went absolutely above and beyond. Noting how tense I was, and apparently how unbalanced my chakras were, she was incredibly kind and even passed on the card of a holistic nutritionist in case I was interested. It was an undeniably fantastic experience.

Treatment Suite

Final Thoughts…
Akasha truly is a sanctuary in the heart of London. The facilities are beautiful, the therapists are extremely knowledgable and intuitive, the products used are some of the very best in the skincare industry and the whole atmosphere is one of complete relaxation. My only complaint would be that the few other spa users tended to be a little noisy, which is a shame when it such a peaceful retreat, though hardly the spa’s fault! All in all, it was a wonderfully relaxing day and I can not sing Akasha’s praises enough. If you’re looking for an all out pamper day in the heart of London then you really cannot go wrong at Akasha.
The Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment lasts 90 minutes and is £190. The Valmont Energy Ritual is £170 for 60 minutes of utter bliss.