Hello from sunny Malta! This week the boy and I have switched our city setting for breezy island life, and I have to say, it’s a much-needed break. I’ve been feeling a little run down at work, been slacking in my studying and really have been feeling the effects of my cut on my workouts. All in all I needed some headspace. So far this week has been packed with lazy lie ins, good food and good company, and, of course, beach time! Considering my fair skin and hair colouring (only somewhat enhanced to bring out the red, rather than gingery-blonde, honest!) I’m a real sun worshipper and could spend hours baking on the sand. But, the beauty writer in me knows better…kind of…and so while I’ll happily fry myself for a few hours I at least try and be a bit sensible about it. Here are my absolute must-haves for a beautifully bronzed, but safe, day at the beach…
Running In Glass Shoes: Beach Beauty Essentials
Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Milky Mist SPF 30
Despite being described by Dior as a ‘gentle, evanescent caress’, I’m a big fan of this suncream spray. It does spray very mistily, which means it gives reassuringly even coverage, and the formula blends quickly and easily into the skin without leaving a sticky residue guaranteed to cover you in sand. I don’t necessarily believe that you have to have a ‘designer’ suncream, as many of the ones you find in Boots do the trick just fine, but I do find the more upmarket suncare products a little more enjoyable to wear in terms of scent, texture and look. Yep, look. The Dior Bronze gives skin a really lovely glow on application, a definite bonus when I’m doing my best beach ghost impression for the day!
Davines SU Tan Maximizer
I’m such a sucker for a new product discovery. I’ve always used Davines on my hair as I love how gentle and natural it is – the salon I go to even uses Davines semi-permanent colour to give my red tresses that extra vibrancy. So when my hairdresser gave me the sell on the ‘only thing’ that makes her go brown, she appealed to both my beauty product lust and my dream of bronzed, lithe limbs that in reality I’ll probably have to grow another 6 inches and live in Australia the rest of my life to be able to achieve. In any case, I’ve been dutifully applying this pre-suncream each day. No idea if it’s actually making me any browner, but my skin loves it. It smells absolutely gorgeous and my skin is so soft and hydrated. And my freckles now seem to be merging into some semblance of a tan at least…
Davines SU Hair Mist
So this was the product that had me buying the Tan Maximizer in the first place. Protecting your hair is definitely your next priority after protecting your skin when having fun in the sun, especially if it’s coloured like mine. Red fades like crazy, and semi-permanent colour fades even faster so I needed something to give my hair a fighting chance of maintaining its vibrancy while I’m away. This Davines Hair Mist again smells absolutely beautiful with camellia, mimosa, apple and woody notes mingling together, and it leaves my hair super shiny. It’s also genuinely helping with the frizzy, tangled mess I like to call hair, leaving it conditioned and smooth. I’m definitely going to be using it as a leave in conditioner when back in London. I think my hair will thank me for it.
Shiseido Wet Force Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+
I have been dying to try this out since I went to a rather awesome press launch to learn some self-defence and boxing moves at Kobox with Shiseido a few months ago. Combine exercise and skincare and I am hooked! Marketed at active women, I finally put this to the test yesterday applying it before a rather hot HIIT session on the sand in Malta’s Pretty Bay. Sunscreen and make-up in one, it offers really lovely coverage with ultra-high SPF (I never put anything but factor 50 on my face, I have no time for sun-related wrinkles in later life), getting me both sun and camera ready for a little workout vlog. Super impressively, despite seriously getting my sweat on, it completely stayed put and I didn’t look like the red-faced mess I normally end up as post-workout. Even better, my face has still caught some sun with a dashing of freckles spreading across my nose and cheekbones, but I’m not burned at all after exercising and swimming, which is exactly what we want. I obviously opted for the lightest shade, because me, and it’s a really good colour match (as BB creams should be), even with a little more colour to my face. The texture is really lovely too, easy to apply and non-greasy unlike a lot of face suncreams out there. Would recommend.
So there you have it, the four key beauty products I can’t do without this holiday. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them or perhaps have some other favourites you think I should try…
Anna x