Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

Last weekend I completed my Kettlebell Instructor Training Workshop with Future Fit Training. I’m actually doing the Full Immersion course with Future Fit, covering everything from Level 2 all the way to Level 4 with lots of supplementary courses in between. It was an intensive, physical weekend and I was sore and bruised by the end of it, but my god it was fun. Probably the best one of the courses I’ve been on so far.

Our trainer, Rob, really put us through our paces, teaching us everything from the simple kettlebell swing all the way up to the more complex snatch. In all my time using kettlebells as part of my workouts I hadn’t realised I’d really been doing the kettlebell swing incorrectly. I’m far too bendy in the knees! So, biggest takeaway from the weekend for kettlebell newbies: take a wider stance, keep those legs straight (don’t lock the knees of course) and swing from the hips. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes and how much you feel it in your posterior chain the next day!

Now armed with all my kettlebell knowledge, I want to start incorporating them into my workouts more. Kettlebells are perfect for mixing up strength and cardio-work together, so I’m definitely going to be using them for some hardcore metabolic conditioning finishers after my main workouts. Here’s a little routine I’ve put together to start with…

Kettlebell swings  x 10 – go as heavy as you can!

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

Kettlebell push press x 10 each arm – you can do a snazzy one arm swing to change over or put it down and clean it up again on the other arm. Whichever you find easier.

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Kettlebell Push Press

60 second row for your life

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog 60 second Rowing

Rinse and repeat FIVE TIMES. Collapse.

Check out the video on YouTube of me doing a round of this short, sharp and killer conditioning workout. If you like it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more workout videos in the future! And of course, let me know if you give this little conditioning circuit a try. I’d love to know how you get on…

Anna x

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7 thoughts on “Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

    1. Haha they can be…the ones in my gym go from 4kg up to 24kg though so you can choose the best one for you. They really are a great addition to a workout! X

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