Monthly Gratitudes: September

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Monthly Gratitudes September 2017

Well, September kind of flew by in a blur. As I told you yesterday, I started a whole new adventure a couple of weeks ago in a new role, and it’s crazy how much of an impact that has had on my overall motivation. Change is tough, and I will put my hands up and admit I am not someone who does well with change. A longer commute combined with an intensely challenging new environment has left me mentally exhausted. I’ve let a lot of things fall to the side the last couple of weeks, so please forgive me if this month’s gratitudes don’t come across quite as positively as last month! I haven’t been sticking to my Happiness Planner this month, but here are my thoughts none-the-less…

Describe the month in 3 words:
Challenging, busy and a little overwhelming

The month’s happiest moment:
Going on my Level 3 Personal Training weekend course. I’m so excited to be working on my plans for the future.

This month’s struggles:
Settling in to a completely new work environment. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

How I overcame them:
Throwing myself in to the tasks at work completely, and creating relationships with a really nice bunch of colleagues

What I learned this month:
That it’s ok to say you’re not coping and to ask for help. Reaching out to my family has been really important to me this month

What I’d like to improve next month:
Consistency in my training and nutrition plan. I’ve done three months now, and while I’ve seen good results I need to push harder

Who/what I’m grateful for:
My family and the Boy for listening to my concerns, offering advice and just being there for me with hugs and food
Being able to study a subject I’m truly passionate about and start working on my own business

Anything else to note?
A tough month and I had one day where my anxiety was so bad I ended up in bed, which I haven’t had for a while. But, despite this, I’ve kept pushing onwards, have been finding ways to find a little balance and am in general actually quite proud of myself.

How was September for you? Let me know what you’re grateful for this past month!

Anna x


14 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitudes: September

  1. This is a lovely post and a lovely way to reflect over the month. Seems like September has been a pretty busy and hectic month for both of us! I’m glad to see it went well for the most part & im sorry to hear about your bad MH day. I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety for 5 years now and still get the odd bad day even though I’m much more equipped to cope. It happens. But don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing great 💚

    1. Thanks lovely – that’s the thing with anxiety isn’t it? You can learn to cope much better but it never actually goes away unfortunately. Here’s to this month being a little easier for both of us! xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I’m still not sure it’s right for me, but I do get on really well with a couple of the ladies. I’m not someone who gives up, so I’m definitely going to give it a fair shot! x

  2. I love this type of summary posts! Sometimes it’s okay to ask for help, something i need to remember too! X

  3. I really like this idea of reflecting on the month! U have a journal where I like to look back at each week but doing it monthly would be a great idea too, I’ll have to use your questions!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. I think it’s important for us to assess and reflect on the month. Helps keep us grounded and happy about all the amazing things we’ve achieved! xx

  4. I love this post! I think you’ve done really well in your new job, and to juggle doing your PT things as well. I wish I was as motivated as you with my fitness, I know I need to try harder, but getting there is a struggle!

    I know how it feels to have one of those days of crippling anxiety, but I just want to say, I think you’re awesome – its super brave to mention it on here and you should be really proud of yourself for fighting through it.

    Here’s to a lovely October

    Kate x

  5. Great reflective piece. My September went well considering I had my health battle to fight at the hospital but I’ve come through it. Its amazing how being well is the best. Health is wealth.
    I love your blog.

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