Bikini Fitness Goal: Month 1 Check In

As some of you may recall, July I set out on a whole new fitness venture with the aim of competing in my first ever bikini fitness competition in 2018. Well, it has now been exactly four weeks since I started down this road and here is where I’m at…

In July I started out at 54kg. I’d already been cutting/shredding/dieting (whichever terminology you prefer!) since April, and while I’d seen progress I had started to really level out. This isn’t surprising when you’re taking weight loss slow and steady in an effort to keep a healthy mindset. At the end of my first four weeks though I’m now down to 52.5kg. Result!

This is probably the area of my programme that I’ve struggled with the most. Having never thought of myself as a low carber before now, I find it near impossible to hit my goal numbers on my high carb days. I completely understand the logic of having high carbs on days I train – it makes complete sense to fuel my body, and yet the logistics of 220g carbs and no more than 38g fat are tripping me up time and time again. Goal for this month is to really focus in on my macros and get those neatly nailed down. Time to start meal prepping…

Apart from one low energy week where I was just generally feeling run down I have loved my new programme. Split into four days focusing on posterior chain (god I love hip thrusts), upper push, lower push and upper pull, I really feel that the programme is one of the most effective and challenging I’ve been on. Weights for most of my lifts have gone up significantly, and even those that I hate or find really difficult (looking at you push press) have at least improved a little in form if not weight. I still need to get better in adding two 30minute HIIT sessions into my schedule, so again that’s something for me to focus on over the next training block. Overall though, it’s been great to feel like I’ve got some traction in my training again rather than just spinning my wheels in the gym.

And of course, probably most important of all, progress photos! Looking at my photos I can see significant improvement in where I started and where I am after just four weeks. Clearly a more structured, targeted programme catering to my specific goals was exactly what I needed. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m super pleased with how I’ve done so far and can’t wait to see what the next four weeks brings.

What do you guys think? How have your goals been going this month?  

Anna x

Featured image credit: Kim Nicole Photography

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13 thoughts on “Bikini Fitness Goal: Month 1 Check In

    1. It’s really hard to get your head around! Sometimes I’m so bang on, other times I’m so off I don’t know how I even manage it haha! Definitely my mini-goal for August – let me know how you get on too x

    1. Oh awesome! My current meal plan I’ve really cut down on dairy (no more cheese for me sob) but I don’t think I could ever cut it out completely. Let me know how you get on xx

  1. Hi Anna, thanks so much for sharing your fitness programme in such detail, I’d love to do something similar to what you’re doing so it’s really interesting to read. Photos already showing you’ve made so much progress in 4 weeks! I read that you’ve enlisted the help of a coach and it’s something I’m interested in – do you think it makes it easier to reach your goals that way? I’m self educated about nutrition and training but something tells me I’d be getting much better results with the help of an expert.
    Thanks for your advice 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m so pleased you found it helpful. Yes, I was training alone for about 6 months and while I was doing well I still felt like I was plateauing unfortunately. Having a coach has just given me that structure back and a real kick in the butt to be more consistent!

      Once I decided my goal was to compete I knew I was going to need some extra help. Even my coach has coaches for her competing, so as a newbie I knew it was a must. And considering the difference just 4 weeks of training has shown, I think it was well worth it. Hope that helps?

      1. I looked specifically for bikini competitor coaches and did a cost comparison! I knew I wanted online coaching as I’m working on a budget, but my coach also includes one face to face training session per month in the package. She’s also someone I’ve followed on instagram for quite a long time and from what I’d seen I really liked her training style. Her website is if you want to check her out! x

  2. Congratulations to you on your courage to take this journey and your progress! What a thrilling challenge!! Like you, I have also taking the leap of faith in a commitment to enter into my first bikini comp as well! I’ve got a ways to go but it’s fun to share this experience! Good luck to you and I look forward to following your progress 😘 if you like, you can check out my blog to see my progress, if any as well 😊. DecisiveDiva.

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