15 Day Burpee Challenge

So my big sister has somehow managed to convince me to join her on a 15 day burpee challenge. I say this like I’m reluctant, but, strangely, I actually really love a good burpee. Something about the springiness makes me happy in spite of the sheer exhaustion. Now big sis is running the show so I only have a look in on the first three days of the challenge at the moment but it seems simple enough. Have a watch of my first ever video and let me know if you’re joining in and how you get on! I’ll be adding updated videos as I go through the challenge so make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to find out more…



4 thoughts on “15 Day Burpee Challenge

  1. I’ve never done a burpee challenge before, and they seem intense! Do you have a list or anything about the rest of the challenge after the first 3 days? Thanks, Anna!

    1. It was tough, I won’t lie! So every 3 days you decrease the rest by 15 seconds. The last 3 days you are literally just doing 30 burpees in row as fast as you can. It was tough, but my stamina definitely improved 🙂 xx

      1. Ahh thank you, Anna! It’s been a while since I’ve done a burpee lol. I usually do a lot of yoga & going on walks lately, so this will be compleeeetely different. I’m going to do it & I’ll let you know how it goes :))

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