A Brief Hiatus

Well…I say brief. The scary thing is that, actually, looking back my last post on Glass Shoes was way back when I first started at Harrods. 12th November 2014. So much has happened since then it’s almost too mad to think about. But here I am, back on the blog getting ready to dissect and spill myself out in words for all to see.

The last two years in summary:

2014 ended with a suicide attempt. 2015 started with a decision to get my life back together. There was a move back to London. There was a promotion. There was another break up. There were tears, there were smiles, there was laughter. There was strength and hope and yes, still anxiety, making itself ever known in the background. There were glittering dresses given new purpose. In 2016 there was friendship, there was a far-flung adventure and suddenly that flutter of butterfly wings in the stomach signalling something special is about to happen.

And now?

Well there is love, there is happiness and there is a rediscovered joy in writing. There are also anti-depressants again and days that are hard, staring down the cold, silver edge of a blade, and there is anger at the injustice of the events that lead to feeling this way. But there is help and hope. And at least this time I can see that this time around.

Life is a funny thing isn’t it? Feels pretty good to be living it again.



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