Feeling George-ous

Oh I just can’t resist a good pun.

Now I’ve stopped chuckling away to myself at the title, let’s begin this post. I have a theory about fashion. It’s a theory that, as an aspirational self-stylist, I truly have faith in and adhere to strictly. My theory is this: any outfit can look like it cost your whole life’s savings if it has just one piece of designer in there. High street, whilst I mock it nearly all the time, actually can look really quite good when you throw in a great pair of shoes or even just a stunning piece of jewellery (my go-to is my Vivienne Westwood pendant, it’s so stand-out that I could be wearing a bin bag and all anyone would comment on is that necklace. Win.) So a few weeks ago when I received an email from George at Asda asking me to style up one of their dresses I jumped at the chance, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to prove my theory to you lovely lot.

Now, I won’t lie. Even I was sceptical of my theory in this instance because I’m normally trying to style up the high-end of the high street. But when the dress arrived I was pleasantly surprised! Having planned a series of outfits where I was going to throw as much designer stuff on over it as possible (Louboutin and Wang and Dior oh my!) I realised that actually, it was quite good as a stand alone piece. That will teach me.

So in the end I went simple. On a beautiful day in my mum’s garden I wore the dress with a Topshop fedora, George bangles and knot necklace, and my Dior boots.

George at ASDA

George at ASDA

George at ASDA

Obviously the dog added a certain something to the styling too.

George at ASDA

It’s also a great little dress for some winter layering. That cute Peter Pan collar just pops through when styled here with my Helmut Lang slouchy jumper, making it perfect for casual days playing with puppies and for at the office too.

George at ASDA

The dress I picked out is available exclusively online at ASDA.com and is an extraordinarily reasonable £30. The bangles are £5(!) for 20 and while my exact necklace isn’t available online anymore, they have a whole host of great necklaces available for under £20 which is a no-brainer really, even for high-street snobs like me. I’ve already worn the dress to work and can think of countless ways to style it up. You really can’t go wrong with a black lace dress and the contemporary twist from the collar is a real plus for me. I’ll definitely be considering other dresses from the collection from now on!


What do you think of the dress? Have you seen any George dresses that you’d like to style up? How cute is my mum’s Old English Sheepdog?!

A huge thank you to George at ASDA for sending me this lovely dress and the jewellery. Also thank you ES for your photography skills and JB for editing x

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