Harrods Presents: Inside The Studio

Harrods have been up to something very exciting recently especially for us fashion fans. They have been working on an exciting collaboration with four awesome British designers to take us inside their studios. Pretty cool huh? It all properly kicked off this week with Matthew Williamson taking us through his design process and for the rest of October we will gradually be virtually invited into the studios of Rupert Sanderson (21st), Antonio Berardi (24th) and Alice Temperley (28th).

Harrods worked closely with each designer in creating their videos, and if the Matthew Williamson filmΒ is a sign of things to come then I think they’ve done a pretty fantastic job. They have also created an interactive studio plan where you can see the actual layouts of each designer’s studio, have some “behind the shoot” quotes and the chance to win a piece from the collection picked especially by the designers themselves. It’s a pretty exciting campaign and you can see the full video and back story atΒ Β Harrods.com, but in the meantime here is the teaser video just to get you going.

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