Worker Bee

So after a flurry of action during London Fashion Week poor Glass Shoes has been a little neglected again. Two weeks ago I started a new job as a junior online copywriter for a fashion mecca, and I cannot even begin to describe how hard it is to motivate yourself to get in after a long day of writing and write some more just for fun. Especially as until January I’m still based in Winchester and am commuting every day – it’s exhausting! But I promise I will try to do better. So in the interests of just that here is a little insight into my work wardrobe, something which I hope to do a little more regularly from now on.

Worker Bee OOTD in Markus Lupfer dress

The dress is from the Markus Lupfer AW14 collection, I bought mine at Harrods on my last spending spree. The blazer is an old favourite from the high street that I’ve had for donkey’s years. And of course, what with the commute, I’m wearing my trusted Nike high-tops. I promise I changed into something more appropriate when I got into the office (I am definitely one of those girls who has a stash of heels in her filing cabinet bottom drawer). Outfit is finished with a Vivienne Westwood heart pendant I managed to snap up for a bargain at a sample sale in Notting Hill last year. Where I work it’s a balance of fashion and corporate and I felt the Markus Lupfer dress was a good compromise. It’s still young and on trend with the sparkle tweed embellished front, but easily smartened up with a sharp but slouchy boyfriend blazer. Office look done!

What do you think of the look? How do you make that balance between your personal style and work wear work for you?

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bennett. Thanks dude!

4 thoughts on “Worker Bee

  1. You can totally do this!! I love that look – so cool. i personally balance work and life by trying to keep to a more minimalistic style that can transition from most anything ❀

    1. Thanks so much! Minimalist style is always great for really transitional work wear, I definitely need to invest in some more basics to be able to pull it off though x

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