Tigi Bed Head Launch

Hands up who loves the Tigi Bed Head range. That’s all of us right? Well then you will all be overjoyed to hear that on 1st September (that’s tomorrow people!) they are launching four new fantastic products in the range. I went along to the launch party to get the low down for us all and had a bit of hair rescuing too. The fact that it was a little cringe because I’d come straight from the gym without washing my hair is neither here nor there. The products worked wonders even on my fluffy, sweat ridden mane so just think what they could do for your lovely locks…


One for the blondes, Motor Mouth is your secret weapon in the war against dull hair. It is actually infused with a UV glow so your hair will be so shiny it will actually glow in the dark. Uh hello? Could you think of anything cooler?! It honestly does too, I checked it out in the UV tent for you, couldn’t resist. Oh and its so called ‘thickifier’ works with even the finest of hair to build volume, create sexy texture and full fat glossy locks. Win.

Tigi Bed Head Motor Mouth


To me the foghorn can says it all. This hairspray means business. It’s a super powered spray to give you lasting hold but without that awful five year old you in ballet class sticky stiffness. In fact, it’s called Flexihead for a reason: your hair is totally reworkable once you’ve used it. Spray one way in the morning then brush and layer up for a totally new look in the evening for the ultimate in work to party styling.

Tigi Bed Head Flexihead


OK, so ignore the outrageous bottle shape. I mean really Tigi?! This looks like something you might find in the naughty drawer by my bed (we’re all thinking it). This wonder crème is my favourite in the new range. It’s the one for us redheads and brunettes (I still can’t quite decide which camp I fall into, somewhere in between I think) with a delicious hint of gold mica in it to bring out our natural highlights and make them luminous. It’s also super silky to help tame fly aways, smooth and defrizz. Perfect for taming my out of control waves.

Tigi Bed Head Blow Out


Tell your boyfriends. Now. This is male styling taken to the next level (apparently). With super strong hold and matte finish this super hold wax is just what he needs. Or if you’re way cooler and braver than me with an awesome pixie cut then this is for you girls too!

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator Matte

The new Bed Head range is available online at bedhead.com and in professional salons worldwide from 1st September. All products are available at £16.95.

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