Get Sporty

Hi my name is Anna and I am a gymaholic. I didn’t used to be but then I joined a fab gym in Winchester, invested in an amazing personal trainer who totally gets me (unashamed shout out to Rocky’s Fitness right here) and I’ve become a total exercise junky. I just can’t get enough of it. But being a sweaty gym bunny does not mean I’ve had enough of style. Net-A-Sporter to the rescue! (See what they did there? Clever eh?)

Seriously, the gods of fashion were smiling on me when I kick started my new fitness regime. It’s like Net-A-Porter cleverly read my mind. Why should I look fugly while working out when I take so much care for the rest of my wardrobe? I mean, yes, I work out pretty darn hard so I do go a little red in the face and glowy, but my work out gear doesn’t have to be hideous too does it? And boy did Net get that. Yes my gym collection is already full of fashion forward pieces from the likes of Sweaty Betty and Adidas by Stella McCartney, but with Net-A-Sporter a new mecca for sports fashion has been created.

Us sporty girls can now go to a one-stop destination for all our chic sportswear needs. Need new running gear? Check. Anyone for tennis? Check. Polo…umm yes actually! The whole concept is based on not compromising on style while still having practical gym gear. It’s a gold medal from me.

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My top picks from above are:

Adidas by Stella McCartney Run printed cotton tank £40
Monreal London Mesh-paneled stretch-jersey dress £250
Ariat Olympia stretch cotton-blend jodhpurs £225

Happy shopping, happy gymming!

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