Beauty Must Have: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

I am sure, no make that positively certain, that every girl has a favourite product that has been their make up bag essential since the beginning of time itself. For me it has always been YSL’s false lash effect mascara – a swish with that magic wand and I immediately feel like a Hollywood screen siren ready to flutter those lashes and seduce every man in sight. Until recently.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my mascara, but I have made an exciting new discovery. Actually, it was first introduced to me a long time ago by celebrity make up artist Lisa Eldridge when I had the great pleasure of watching her at work and interviewing her for Elle. It has played on my mind since then and finally when I went to New York I daringly took the plunge. I am now hooked to Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.

Now, for me to have a concealer as a beauty bag essential is quite a big deal as I spend most of my make up conversations lamenting the uselessness of concealers of all brands, especially after the polluted destruction of my once blemish free skin since my move to London. How I miss the clean country air. Anyway, until recently I have tried and tested countless brands in an attempt to mask my red dotted London face to no more luck than a few hours. Secret Camouflage now has my absolute seal of approval.

It’s long lasting, non-oily and most importantly gives great coverage blending well into my skin tone without completely disappearing with over-zealous buffing. What I love most is that the palette comes with two different colours, one lighter and one with a more concealer orange tint, perfect for customising the colour to truly match your skin tone. I tend just to use the lighter colour as I am ghostly pale right now, but often top up with the darker colour for extra coverage once my foundation is on. It comes in a super chic compact too making it clutch friendly for nights out – not that I often have to touch up with it during the course of the night!

At Β£26 from Selfridges it’s not exactly cheap but I promise you it will not be a purchase you regret. Most definitely a beauty essential. Buy it. Now.


Application Tip: For perfect coverage apply after your primer and before your foundation. Use liberally on blemishes, it lasts forever so there’s no need to be frugal with it. Blend around the blemish first, allowing it to dry a little on top of the blemish itself, then very lightly use your fingertips to tap in the concealer on top of the blemish. Voila! Perfect coverage.

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