New Year Resolutions

Well it would seem that another year is coming to an end and it’s time to celebrate the new one coming in. If I’m to be really honest I’ve never really understood the drama that surrounds New Year’s Eve. And to go with that I’ve never really bought into this idea of the New Year’s Resolution. It seems to me that what people really do is spend a month miserably dieting, running in the rain and depriving themselves of all their vices until they finally crack and go on a massive binge. For some reason though, this New Year, I’ve decided that I might give this resolution thing a try. Maybe it’s just that I feel I’ve reached a point where I want to make some positive change in my life as part of growing up, or maybe it’s just relief that we all survived the end of the world, I’m not entirely sure. What I do know is it’s time to get proactive!

So my Resolution is this: Food, Body, Work. More of a mantra than a Resolution really. I think where many people fail each year is that they still view their Resolution as just that. Instead, I want to make mine a way of life – in 2013 I am setting out to radically change my mindset. Obviously with any change in mindset it’s not about denial, it’s about making gradual changes. Denial just equals binge for most of us, definitely for me! So I know you’re all desperate to know what trials and tribulations I’m going to be putting myself through in 2013…

Food ~ Now this is kind of a continuation of a long running diet change. After my gorgeous Sardinia trip I made the sudden and rather radical decision to go pescetarian – or fishetarian as I like to say. The trouble I’ve had is that having been in Ghana for a month where it seems incredibly selfish to be fussy about what you eat I kind of lost the knack of eating fish & vegetarian only. I say lost the knack, it’s more been a bit of carnivorous rampage along the lines of a starving T-Rex over Christmas. 2013 I am starting again, but I’m going to go about it a little more gently. I’m going to gradually ease out nasty carbs like bread (so bad for you!) up my oily fish meals and force myself to cook pure veggie at least twice a week. I’m no longer going to beat myself up over the occasional slip up, I’ve found it just results in a guilt ridden binge on BBQ chicken wings. Not ideal! I’m actually a big believer in listening to what your body wants (as long as you haven’t been eating so much sugar and carbohydrates you’ve confused it completely) and occasionally that is a burger. It’s all about training your body to just ask for more of the good things – if you’re struggling look into a detox. I certainly will and any I love I of course will let you all know.

Body ~ Do you ever get tired of talking about wanting to change your body? I for one, am incredibly bored of it. So in 2013 I’m going to actually do something about it. I’ve been incredibly inspired talking to some of the girls at the magazine I was interning at before Christmas who are so committed to their exercise routine. While I’m probably never going to be such a gym bunny that I’m going to get up a couple of hours early to do a gym sesh before going into the office it’s certainly made me think about the way I approach exercise. I’ve always loved to pretend I do a lot more than I actually do, and because I’m naturally petite I’ve always sort of managed to get away with it. My plan is to start by doing what I tell people I do – some serious exercise three times a week. I’m always amazed when I do have a proactive week how quickly my body tones up, so it’s silly really that I leave it for so long. Hopefully all the lovely fish I’m eating will help make a difference too – lots of good fats and protein to help me lean up. If like me, you can’t stand plodding away in the gym surrounded by steroid-fuelled body builders showing off, then you’re far more likely to stick to an exercise routine if it’s fun. My exercise plan for 2013 is to up my dance classes to twice a week and to finally start doing Bikram Yoga. I’m always super keen to try out new ways of exercising so if you have anything that you love to do to produce those happy little endorphins then please tell me!

Work ~ As many of you already know I am currently interning like crazy to try and get a full time position in the features department of a fashion magazine. Sadly, 2012 didn’t result in my dream job but rather than allow myself to become disheartened I have decided that 2013 is my year. This may be the “work” category of my mantra but really it’s all about positive thinking – something aided by having a great diet and doing lots of exercise! It all links you see. I’m going to keep up the momentum of a fantastic internship and just plain not give up. As anybody trying to break into journalism knows it’s all about tenacity, so if you are trying keep going! Alternatively please drop out now so that I can swoop in and take your place! I’m just kidding…honest. Part of the work-side of the mantra too is that I absolutely promise to be far better at blogging and tweeting regularly. In a recent interview I was asked about whether I blogged or not, and it made me realise how lapse I have been in keeping up with Glass Shoes. It’s astonishing how often these little projects we set up and initially love can just fall by the wayside. For 2013 Glass Shoes is going to follow my Resolution’s progress as well of course as the many celebrity style crushes, fashion & beauty reviews and anything else that really takes my fancy! I’m going to remember how much I enjoy blogging again, and with that hopefully push myself further on the way to achieving my career ambitions.

So why have I shared this with you all? I promise it doesn’t come just from a weirdly self-obsessed need to fill you in on the minutiae of my daily life. It’s because most people’s New Year Resolutions fail because they keep them to themselves. If you share your goals with other people you are that more likely to achieve them. Why? Pressure! When someone else knows it’s not just yourself you are holding your actions accountable to. I know for a fact now that friends and family reading this are going to ask me in a few days/weeks/months’ time how the Resolution is working out. And I hope you lovely readers will too. In fact, if you would like to share your resolutions with me please do, we can help each other out. Happy New Year everyone!

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