Desert Island Must Have: Summer Sun

What with the very odd weather we appear to be having right now and a very odd conversation with my sister about escaping to Fiji in a zombie apocalypse, I have found myself thinking more and more about living on a desert island. Hey, if the Americans can run zombie preparation drills then I can too. Of course, me being me, there are a few things I would just not be able to live without – honestly, if I didn’t have them you might as well send a zombie to eat my brains right now. So in the first instalment of my Desert Island Must Haves I thought it would be pretty important to take into consideration sun protection – it’s hot in Fiji. Also, what with the British summer doing all sorts of weird things I thought a few of you might be thinking about some late summer sun escapes (just for fun, the zombies haven’t come yet). So without further ado, here are my Desert Island Summer Sun Must Haves:

1. Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 Protective Dry Oil

This stuff is officially the best thing ever! It spreads super easy because it’s an oil and it smells like coconut. You walk around all day smelling delicious! Plus because it’s an oil you still actually tan. Even though it’s an oil my skin never feels too sticky or greasy after because the cocoa butter and aloe vera actually sink in to moisturise your skin and I cook nicely in the sun without burning (disclaimer here: I top up my oil every hour, and more often if I have been swimming. This is why I don’t burn. Yes, I know you’re all screaming at me for using only SPF 15, but the SPF just relates to the length of time you are protected. Whatever factor you use TOP UP REGULARLY. Nobody likes skin cancer.)

2. Kerastase Huil Celeste:

So normally we’re so busy protecting our skin, making sure we look like golden goddesses rather that Sebastian the Crab, that we totally forget that our hair needs protecting too! Well, no longer dear readers, for I have the solution: Kerastase Huil Celeste, the miracle hair saver. Containing UVA and UVB filters Huile Celeste is a hair spritz you apply to either dry or towel dried hair before going out in the sun. It’s enriched with macadamia oil (so once again smells divine), spreads evenly and leaves your hair with a great shine. Reapply throughout the day to protect your colour and prevent holiday related straw hair.

3 & 4. Charles Worthington Take Aways Sunshine Shampoo & Conditioner:

Just as important as protecting your hair during the day is protecting it after, so make sure to pack the handy little Take Aways Sunshine Shampoo & Conditioner by CW. They are the perfect travel size bottles, lightweight but with enough in them to see you through a week away. Once again enriched with all sorts of good things such as rice protein and white tea (mmm anti-oxidants) and especially lots of UV Protection stuff, keeping your hair safe and nourished. And they smell good too.

5. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Cooling Gel:

After a long day baking in the sun, nothing is more important than pampering your skin after a good shower with tonnes of after sun. Now, there are lots of good after suns out there on the market, but my personal favourite/life saver is Hawaiian Tropic’s After Sun Cooling Gel. It’s an aloe vera gel enriched with moisturising vitamin E which you can feel actually cooling your skin as you apply it. For a real “aah” feeling use this. If you don’t want to peel, use this. Only draw back is it leaves your skin a bit sticky to touch which is a weird feeling, but the tan you will be left with is totally worth it.

So there you have it, my Desert Island sun protection must haves, totally recommended for late summer breaks. Also sorry for going on about zombies so much today. I blame America, my sister, my flatmate and FrightWeek on Film4.

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