Review Time: Lisa Shepherd London

As a direct result of my rather stronger than mild obsession with Groupon, and a desperate need to get my roots sorted out, I bagged myself a bargain at Lisa Shepherd London for a hair make over. The deal included either a half head of highlights or a full colour, a conditioning Kerestase Rituals treatment and haircut and blow dry finish. It was £69 for the whole lot which worked out at 69% off, making me a rather happy bunny.

I finally managed to book myself an appointment – no one answered the official line they had set up for Groupon bookings and I had to wait to be called back to arrange it – and trundled on down 2 weeks later for my hair to be beautified.

Having had my hair all colours thinkable over the past 10 years I have finally reached a point where I’m actually very happy with the golden/auburn blondey brown I have going on. What I’m not so happy with is my serious root situation, especially as after 10 years of being coloured my lovely natural dark blonde seems to have degenerated into just plain dark. My hair is also finally at a length I am happy with. Having been a proud wearer of a pixie cut in my early teens, a 1920s stylised bob in my late teens and super long hair extensions in my very early 20s, my natural hair finally falls in tumbling waves (when I can get it to do what it’s told) down to my chest. So I actually walked into the hair salon with a fair amount of trepidation. A lot of trust is placed in a new hair dresser who has no access to your past colour cards and only has my babbling description of what I want to go on.

I was greeted very nicely at reception and led over to the “chill out area” where I was given a very slightly flippant “help yourself to drinks”. I couldn’t find any water so didn’t (fortunately later I was brought one over, it really was a very hot day). My hair colourist Carly then came over to collect me and sat me down. There seemed at first to have been a little bit of a mix-up over what I was having done that day as Carly seemed to think I was only having a colour done. No please cut my hair too!

After a very hurried sorting out of the muddle (honestly, I was there on the Groupon deal, surely they knew what was included?!) Carly came back and proceeded to give me a very uninterested style consultation, where to be honest she didn’t really listen or consult in any kind of way. She didn’t even show me a colour book. Now, to be fair to the salon, there was a girl sat in the chair next to me who did actually get a really lovely colourist give her a thorough consultation. And actually spoke to her. And didn’t act the whole time like she was an inconvenience. I wish I had got her name because she seemed absolutely lovely and if I were to go back I would have liked to ask to see her instead!

Anyhoo, once my highlights were all foiled up and setting away it was back to the chill out area once again. Now, this was my particular favourite part of the whole morning. How often do you go the hairdressers and realise you have lost 2-3hours of your day to gossip magazines and idle chit chat about Made in Chelsea? Well the chill out area at Lisa Shepherd comes fully equipped with MacBooks so instead of feeding my MIC addiction I decided to be super productive and tap away the start of this blog whilst waiting for my hair to transform into the gorgeous copper-gold locks a la Lana Del Ray. Most impressed. Of course there is also a book case display of all the latest magazines for those of you who don’t get quite as hyper at the prospect of using a Mac as I do.

Awesome Chill Out Area at Lisa Shepherd

After half an hour of super productivity I was called over for my hair wash by a sweet, but very quiet young girl. No chatting for me that day! I was settled down into a super comfy massage chair and treated to a lovely head massage as well with the conditioner. However, again I had to remind the girl that my Groupon deal included a Kerestase treatment as otherwise she was going to just towel up my hair and send me off for my trim without doing it.

Now I know that this all sounds like a rather whiney review, but the thing is I was really looking forward to an amazing salon experience considering Lisa Shepherd’s reputation and the sizeable cost that comes with getting your hair done there normally. My actual hair cut was great though, but I think only because of the muddle over my appointment. Because I hadn’t been booked in for my hair cut I was very fortunate that they dragged Jason Cocking, owner of the London salon, up from the office to do my hair for me at no extra cost. Result! Jason is probably the first hair stylist I have ever had who has actually listened to me when I’ve said I’m growing my hair and don’t want to lose any length (I mean seriously, is there a button that goes off in hair stylists’ heads when they hear you say ‘I don’t want to lose any length’ that makes them incapable of anything other than giving you a bob cut?!) Jason very deftly neatened up the ends of my hair, chopped back in some nice layers and cut in a gorgeous sweeping fringe after suggesting I should grow it out rather than cut back in a blunt one – it was like he read my mind! So below is the finished result. Surprise, surprise Carly didn’t get the colour right – it was a lot blonder than I wanted, but I have got used to it now. The cut is great and I’m really happy with it, especially as it works well with my naturally wavy hair:

The finished look

So to sum up…

Service: not so great on the colour and the mix up over what I was having done wasn’t exactly ideal. Cut with Jason was fantastic.

Atmosphere: honestly…almost a bit too swanky and elite. I felt a lot of the time that because I was in on a deal that I was a bit of an inconvenience. Not great for encouraging repeat custom!

Favourite thing: the chill out area was pretty awesome.

The Look: very happy with the cut, colour was not what I asked for but as I said, I have grown to like it now.

Would I go back? Yes, but only because after all the mix up and me obviously not being 100% happy with the colour Jason gave me a discount voucher for my next visit. Hopefully the next time I go in they’ll be able to change my mind!

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