Quick Beauty Tips

This is a super quick round-up following a course I attended yesterday at Make Up London Academy. It was a 3 hour basics course which I bought on Groupon. Unfortunately it seems it was a course they did specifically for Groupon and are no longer running it, so I can’t exactly recommend it but definitely keep an eye out for similar deals from MLA as it was an interesting and fun way to spend the afternoon.

As someone who feels competent and capable with their make up look there were elements of the course that were a little too basic (eg. put make up on a clean face, make sure to use cleanser, toner and moisturiser etc.) but if, like me, you are just interested in learning new techniques and little tricks rather than becoming a full on MUA then it was quite handy.

So here is a rundown of the best tips & tricks I took away from the day:

Tip #1 – Ok it seems obvious…but look after your skin! Cleanse, tone & moisturise. Especially before you go to sleep as it’s the best time to treat your skin. Beautiful skin = beautiful make up.

Tip #2 – it’s all about uplifting your skin. When cleansing, toning and moisturise use upwards and outwards sweeps to massage in the product.

Tip #3 – Why use toner? Toner is super important because not only does it clean off anything you missed with your cleanser, it restores your skin’s pH balance and closes up your pores.

Tip #4 – Before applying your moisturiser rub it between your hands. This gets rid of all the excess oils so you apply just the product to your face.

Tip #5 – Use primer as the barrier between your moisturiser and your foundation. It honestly helps your foundation go on more smoothly.

Tip #6 – What is the worst thing for your skin?…Sun exposure! It’s really important to protect your skin so look out for products with SPF in. A lot of foundations have SPF 15, but let’s face it, that’s not all that high. MAC’s Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50 is a lovely oil free primer that provides high level sun protection all day. And you won’t have to change your favourite foundation!

Tip #7 – Remember when choosing your foundation that your skin is not one tone all over. Very often your neck is going to be lighter than your face because it gets less sun on it. Pick a foundation that is going to match your neck too!

Tip #8 – To cover those pesky spots and blemishes tap concealer directly onto the spot and leave it to dry. Then blend the edges of the concealer without touching the spot itself. Spot?! What spot?!

Tip #9 – Melty make up in the heat? Not so hot. To stop your make up sliding off blend a bit of your primer in to your hairline to catch that icky sweat. Instant summer coolness.

Tip #10 – Creating a natural look is all about the contouring. Remember: everything you want to look bigger you lighten and everything you want to look smaller you darken.

Tip #11 – Frustrated with the mess your eye shadow makes of your otherwise flawless face? Tap loose powder under your eyes to catch the eye shadow as it falls while you apply it. Once your eyes are done you just wipe away the powder!

Tip # 12 – Want to create that perfect eye liner flick? Instead of trying to do it with your eyes closed keep them open and simply just follow the natural line of your lower lashes.

Tip #13 – When applying your blusher don’t forget to SMILE. It shows your cheek bones properly and where they finish. It also makes you look even prettier.

Tip #14 – When using eye lash curlers don’t just curl the base as the curl won’t last for very long. Start by curling the very tip of the lashes, then the middle and then finally the base to create a curl that will hold.

Tip # 15 – Finally, don’t be scared to play with your make up. Mix up colours and blend and buff to create shades that are unique to you. It is called make up art after all!

Any tips to add? Send them my way, I’m a greedy little thing when it comes to learning beauty tricks!

The class at MLA

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