Make-Up How To…The Statement Brow

There is a definite art to achieving the perfect brow. What I know for certain is that mine are an absolute nightmare. Since moving to London I’ve struggled to find a salon I trust to thread them. I live in a state of fear that they will take out too much and they will never grow back again. Fortunately this season is all about the strong statement brow. It’s about creating a strong frame to the face making them strictly groomed but still feminine. Not those ghastly little caterpillars that so many girls in Britain seem to have achieved through extensive over plucking. So here’s how to achieve that statement brow:

  1. Starting at the high point brush down your brown focusing on the natural arch. Doing this will help you find the natural angle of your eyebrow so that when you fill the brow in you don’t end up with that lovely drag queen look. 
  2. Using an eyebrow pencil, such as MAC Eye Brows in Lingering (£11.50), sketch out the basic structure of the brow from the high point. Once you have done that brush back over the brow leaving you with the starting structure to fill in your statement brow.
  3. Dip a slightly damp brush in powder – Suqqu do really great coloured powders, you can find them in Selfridges – and don’t be afraid to mix colours together. It’s so important to get the colour right for you, otherwise they can end up looking really fake. Using the brush slowly fill in the structure of the brow following the direction of the hair, gradually building up to create that strong shape. 
  4. Use a setting gel, such as Shavata Brow Tamer (£14.50) though clear mascara also works well, to brush the brows into their final shape, give them a slight shine and hold them in place for the rest of the day, then build the rest of you make up around your statement brows. 

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