A Campaign for Real Beauty

When wracking my brains for this piece it was all too easy to think of my favourite beauty products. Then I remembered it didn’t matter how much I rambled on about how my blackest of black YSL False Lashes Mascara makes me feel like a Hollywood screen siren. Or how Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good really does make me feel, well, rather good. Or even how spritzing myself all over with a heavy mist of Ghost Deep Night convinces me that I’m completely irresistible to men everywhere (though for the life of me I cannot figure out why it hasn’t worked as yet).

No. That is not the point. Yes, they of course do have strong branding behind them – how else could they set my imagination running wild as they lie inanimate on my cluttered vanity table? Because of course in reality they are just lotions and potions, the paint with which I apply my mask every morning, nothing more. It is the clever marketing strategy and captivating advertising that makes me feel otherwise. And that I in turn can be made into so much more by using them.

The brand though that I truly admire is not one that conforms to the message of the beauty industry. The whole brand is based on a simple yet effective message – a message that all young girls and women not just want to hear, but need to hear. I am of course exalting over the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

Dove’s central, driving ‘belief’, as they so aptly describe their branding, is that every woman is beautiful. Dove is not there to make you feel something you are not; it is there to enhance what you already have. Isn’t that nice? I know that sounds ever so slightly facetious, but that genuinely is not my intention. I just think it is the best way of putting it. How refreshing it is in an industry where we are bombarded with glamazon models and dazzling celebrities, to be heartened by the message: you’re 5’4″ with hair that has a mind of its own and can’t afford Chanel, but, hey, you’re beautiful too.

And that’s the really clever thing about Dove. They are not just a brand, they are a whole campaign. One that celebrates women as unique individuals and challenges the beauty stereotypes afflicting our generation. A brand that aims to inspire young women and help build self-esteem through thought-provoking advertising, collaboration with charities, and multiple definitions of the concept, “beauty”.  They are reinventing the idea of ethical marketing and of beauty itself.

My pretty Prada make-up bag is, of course, still bursting at the seams with all my honestly essential beauty products. It is still lugged everywhere in my completely unaffordable Moschino tote. Because I am still convinced that the world is not yet ready for my face without make-up. But what I really admire about Dove, and what makes them really appeal, is that one day, it just might be.

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