It’s dressing the part that counts…

I am a serial joiner-upper. Tell me about any new sporting activity and my knee-jerk reaction will more than likely be to sign up, buy the necessary outfit and go to maybe three sessions max. I’ve done tennis, yoga, pilates, athletics, countless aerobics and dance classes, and even poledancing and cheerleading. Initially I thought it was always about the taking part for me, you know being involved in a team, meeting new people with similar interests. Now I think it was just about the clothes.

Every time I have joined a new class, activity or sport I have bought the clothes to go with it. I have a whole drawer devoted to Stella McCartney Addidas sportswear, which in reality is very rarely opened, let alone the outfits modelled in the gym. I guess you could say that for me it is all about the looking the part, rather than the taking part, that counts.

It is rather fortunate therefore, that alongside my 70’s blouses, florals, colour blocks, nudes and whites, sport inspired outfits are aย permissibleย addition to my summer wardrobe this year. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to suddenly turn into a badly dressed chav, this summer’s sporting looks are super glamorous, modern and sleek. It’s all in the particulars from sheer panelling, racer backs and mesh inserts to zip details and hi-tech fabrics. Think bold, simple shapes, colour pops and black edges.


Abbey Lee rocking out the sportswear for Versace

Also a great excuse for me to finally buy a pair of outrageously bright hi tops without it being frowned upon:

Nike Court Force Hi Trainers: Available at Schuh

Well….not that much anyway.

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